Hidden away in the Swedish forest is an Avant-garde eco haven for design and nature lovers. Where the environment and imagination have met and manifested into the Treehotel. Wild and wonderful, Comprised of contemporary tree rooms, it is an adventure into art and the serenity of this unspoiled part of Sweden. Conceived by Britta and Kent this innovative eco escape is about a return to nature and immersing yourself in the rhythm and pursuits of the sweeping panoramic countryside of Hardas and the Lule River Valley.

Mirror Suite Treehotel Sweden

Hidden amongst the towering trees is a hotel so bizarrely beautiful and stylishly sustainable it evokes a surreal fairy tale in this forest. Suspended above the forest floor these are six of the ultimate unique tree house suites, all accessible by foot followed by stairs, ladder or electric staircases. Designed by some of Sweden’s leading architects not only to create this living art hotel but also to balance and provide minimum environmental impact on the incredible natural setting of the Treehotel.

Each suite is so striking it is like floating through a dreamscape on the approach to the rooms. The Mirror Cube is a perfect prism suspended in the trees and cleverly camouflaged by the reflections of nature on its walls. The changing hues of light and seasons are constantly reflected in this symmetrical sanctuary amongst the trees. The interiors are minimal and comfortable embracing a clean Scandinavian aesthetic as not to detract from the beauty of nature. Follow a twelve-metre suspension bridge up to the cube that is spacious and airy with a large double bed, lounge and terrace with panoramic views across the treetops to the lake and valley beyond.

The Birds Nest was designed to meld in with the mixed conifers and trees that dominate this part of Sweden to literally create a family nest up in the canopy made up of a crazy cacophony of branches and twigs to make up an elegantly eco suite. A retractable staircase leads into the organic structure that is a comfortable sleeping and living area for a small family. Skewed sticks are artfully designed to create an optical illusion of being part of this natural woodland environment. However at the same time as this was conceptualised to blend into its natural surroundings, the UFO was created to juxtapose the environment.

Treehotel Bedroom Sweden

Rising out of the conifers like a scene from Close Encounters, the UFO Suite is definitely the most surreal sight if you venture out into the woods. Cast out of composite metal it is both a sustainable and strong structure that is straight from interstellar imaginings rather than Sweden. Designed for a family it is literally an adventure in the skies for the most vivid and exciting eco escapism into nature and outer space at the same time. Feel yourselves floating above the leaves and indulge in some real life space ship stories for truly unforgettable stay in one of the most unique hotels in the world.

Situated in this part of Sweden it is the perfect hideaway in the tranquillity and serenity of the forest. Winter is starkly beautiful here and full of surprises with dog sledding through the forest or of course the elusively Aurora Borealis that are easily viewed in this part of Swedish Lapland. Take a silent snowshoe trek into the forest and out across the valley and witness this ethereal natural phenomenon of swirling spectrums of vivid greens and blues and pinks. The Northern Lights are caused by magnetic flares from the sun colliding with the stratosphere and creating one of the most spectacular shows on earth. They are visible from November through to April in this part of Sweden and throughout the Arctic Circle area.

For a more unique insights into this incredible forest wilderness then you can literally lose yourself in the silence of this pristine environment by spending an evening in the forest, building a fire and enjoying dinner and drinks in wilderness to truly escape the outside world. For a true insight into the unique landscape then a trip with the Sami Tribe, the original indigenous inhabitants of the beautiful landscape, will guide you through stunning and stark environment. A trip to the Atjje Museum and of Sami culture and a trip to the home of a traditional medicine man or shaman will complete a day with these fascinating people will provide an insight into a traditional culture that has flourished here for centuries. Traditionally reindeer herders they are still the only tribe allowed to practice this ancient art in a symbiotic relationship between Sami and reindeer.

Birds Nest Treehouse Hotel Sweden

For more adventurous excursions try the skijoring or horse skiing where you are pulled behind a horse on skis, a more exhilarating way to traverse the frozen tundra is truly hard to find. Traditional sledding with dogs or downhill is a fun way to explore the area and fantastic with children to truly appreciate the flora and fauna of this amazing area. Naturally Northern Lights tours are a highlight and you can even go out on special photographic trips so you can get the best capture of your experience with this eerily beautiful phenomenon. Segway, snow shoeing and small nearby ski runs are some of the exhilarating ways to roam this stunningly serene and stark Swedish woodlands.

After a day of adventure or relaxation then the sauna is the perfect place to unwind and wash away the exertions of the arctic outdoors. The Tree Sauna can fit up to eight people and had a steam room, outdoor hot tub and plunge pool for you to relax and unwind under the stars. To finish off such an inspiring and intrepid day then take advantage of unique wood fired bathtub big enough for two followed by an ice dining experience in a traditional tipi tent lit by torches or seated on reindeer skins atop a frozen lake the stars and swirling aurora. This is a totally eco luxurious experience in one of the most extraordinary and ethereal settings on earth.

The Treehotel in Hardas is a truly unique and sustainable hideaway. Building materials that are low impact are chosen to have a minimal impact on the surrounding natural environment and are built on live trees that are not damaged by the environment. The tree suites themselves are run from green energy in the form of hydroelectric energy, and use LED bulbs and come complete with combustible toilets that incinerate at six hundred degrees centigrade. Every measure is taken to make sure that the Treehotel has a minimal impact on the environment and works in harmony with the beauty of nature it is nestled within.

UFO House Treehotel Sweden

The Treehotel is an extraordinary eco escape hidden in nature, full of the remarkable and unexpected. The tree house suites are the ultimate in surreal sustainable luxury for those who really want not just be in nature but to feel it and be part of the ever changing hues and colours in the Arctic Circle of Sweden. For a totally natural and nurturing experience this is the perfect and slightly paranormal eco design destination.

 For more information: www.treehotel.se

 Photos Courtesy of Peter Lundstrom, WDO & Fredrik Broman, Human Spectra 

Words by Electra Gillies