About the Founder 



Electra Gillies Founded Eco Gypsy - A Nod to Her Name & Origins from Indian Gypsies as Well as Nomadic Lifestyle. Being a Myriad of Ethnic Mixtures Meant Growing Up in a Between Four Continents & Leading a Peripatetic Lifestyle.
After Completing Her MSc in Environmental Sciences at SOAS, London, An Impulsive Foray into Travel Writing Led Her to Work for Prestigious Publications such as The Independent, Condé Nast Traveller UK & The Ecologist.
It Was a Detour from West Papua to Bali to that Led Her to be Based on the Island of the Gods for Over a Decade Whilst Continuing Her Global Travels.
Electra’s Awareness of Both Globalisation, the Increase of Travel & Fashion Impacting - or Worse Wiping Out Entire Areas or Communities - Led Her to the Conclusion that in the New Digital World a Web Based Magazine & Sustainable Brand Were Fundamental Ways to Rebuild Future Consumerism.



Our Ethos

Eco Gypsy was Born Out of a Nomadic Free Spirited Ideal for Those Who Wander & Explore the World with a Heightened Awareness for the Environment & Myriad of Cultures.
An Eco Gypsy is a Woman Who Can Pick Out Statement & Basic Pieces to Explore the Globe, Dance the Night Away in a Secret Cave Party After a Day on the Beach, Fling on a Dress Hidden in Her Bag & Lives Effortlessly - Not for the Lens but for Life as a Wanderer Without a Care in the World.
A Modern Bohemian Brand that not only Encompasses Our Ecosystems through Our Collections that areDesigned around Environments Not Seasons; Creating a Unique New Way for Stylish Nomads to Explore Ethically in a Naturally Symbiosis with Nature.

 Sustainable Materials

Our Collections are Created Using the Most Sustainable & Local Materials Available.
The Brands Symbolic Cowrie Shells are Sustainably Harvested by Sulawesi Sea Gypsies in Sulawesi, Indonesia & CITES Certified to Make Sure We Never Over Harvest.
Materials are Sourced from Local Farmers and Producers - Organic Bamboo from Bali & Java, Pearls from Lombok and the Intricate Indigenous Designs of Kalimantan in Indonesia. Natural Dyes & Recycled Gold Are Produces in East Balinese Villages.
We Work Closely with Local Communities to Make Sure that We Are Producing Directly with Local Artisans to Create One Off Individual Pieces..
Our Swimwear Has Embraced the Wide Range of Recycled Spandex Materials Produced Internationally & Modern Technology Has Mixed with Traditional Methods Seamlessly .
There is a Diversity & Uniqueness to Each Piece that is Produced from Creating Each Piece from Different People & Communities.


Local Artisans

Eco Gypsy was founded in Bali, Indonesia in 2015 - Born from Our Ethical Online Travel Magazine & A Passion for Protecting the Environment.
Making Custom Pieces from Local Artisans on the Island Soon Lead to an Idea to Set Up a Simple Collection of Handmade Pieces from the Local Community She Lived Amongst in Bali. The Brand Quickly Became a Staple of People Living the Same Globetrotting Lifestyle.
Communities are Producing New Pieces Throughout the World. The Collection is 100% Ethically Created by People who are Treated as Our Family & Paid a Fair Wage in Order to Support their Families & Educate Them in Unity with Preserving their Long Lineage of Local Handicrafts.
Going into a New Decade We Are Proud to Welcome Sustainable Supply Chains in Two More Continents Using Locally Sourced Artisans & Materials in Order to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Each Piece & Truly Embrace our Multi Ethnic Family & Aesthetic.


A Complete Eco Experience Brand


In 2016 the Concept to Team Up with her Life Partner, Lorenzo Sannito, to Create Beautiful Handcrafted Hideaways for a Completely Circular Sustainable Brand & Aesthetic Made Perfect Sense. The First of the Eco Gypsy Houses was Located in Seseh Beach, Bali & the Decade Will Begin with a New Surf Loft in Bingin Beach, Bal Under the Umbrella Shrine Houses.
Each Property is Completely Handcrafted by Local Indonesians, Combining Signature Styles from the Islands of the Archipelago & Antiques & Pieces Curated from Global Travels. One of Bali’s Most Influential Styles has Been the Concept of Indoor/Outdoor Living & Lush Tropical Gardens that have Been Modernised.
The Natural & Unrivalled Styles of their Properties have been Featured in Press Globally but More & Immerse Guests in the Traditions of Each Countries Individual Customs & Style.