Hidden in a secret bay, surrounded by wilderness and looking over shimmering azure waters, lies the Jeeva Beloam Camp. This is the ultimate in eco escapism, remote and rustically luxurious, it is a place to retreat from the noise of the outside world and totally relax at this tucked away treasure. Stunningly secluded in the middle of a 55-hectare nature reserve, Jeeva Beloam has elevated the beach hut to a new level of luxury. Located in probably one of the most perfect beaches on the island, this intimate hotel is the epitome of understated elegance.

Jeeva Beloam Camp Lombok Indonesia

The resort is off the grid in more ways than one, and is completely supported by solar power. Eleven rustically chic beach bungalows are tastefully decorated and have uninterrupted views across the ocean to Sumbawa. Each suite is tastefully decorated to blend harmoniously with the surrounding natural beauty that you immersed in. They are called Berunga, and are sustainably built from recycled wood, bamboo and traditionally thatched alang alang roofs. The bungalows are modelled after a traditional Sasak fishing camp. The Sasak people make up most of Lombok’s population and are closely related to the Balinese by language and ethnicity, but are predominantly Muslim rather than Hindu. Many are fishermen and build huts on the beach to stay whilst they are going out for the daily catch.

Jeeva Beloam has taken this aesthetic and redesigned it into their eleven ecochic beach bungalows, spread over 60 metres they are comfortable and designed with an understated luxurious Indonesian style. Enjoy the uninterrupted view across the azure Alas Strait in front of your room from a relaxed reclining position on the lovely large daybed. Or meander down to the sea for a swim and return to shower in the open shower. The resort blends in beautifully with its surroundings and id designed to be completely complimentary with nature. Relaxed luxury is reflected in these berungas, but also a commitment to the environment.

Bedroom Jeeva Beloam Lombok Indonesia

This is pure Robinson Crusoe romance. Meals are served in the Tenda Restaurant under the skies in a luxury tent complete with rugs and a library; everything is included here, due to the secluded location of the resort. A custom made open sided tent not only serves as the restaurant but also a gathering area and even has a sundeck to read or sunbathe while enjoying refreshments. Seafood obviously is a staple, and changes daily with the fresh catch of tuna, snapper, prawns, squid and other abundances of the sea. Local free-range chickens are available and a wide range of vegetable dishes. Tenda serves a selection of local and international culinary creations depending on what is fresh. If you would like a more intimate experience then picnics or dinners under the stars is a magical experience. Beach barbeques are also a regular feature to take advantage of the perfect setting.

For those who want to take advantage of the amazing sea that surrounds you, there is stunning diving and snorkelling a small trek away across the headland. For the surfers the world famous Ekas Bay is close by and of course there is the cobalt calm bay right in front of the bungalow whenever you feel like a dip, or a natural cordoned off ‘sea pool’ at the southern end of the beach.  There is also snorkelling or diving off the beach in front of Jeeva Beloam. Flamboyant tropical fish are in abundance in the southeastern section of the cove in front of Jeeva Beloam and near Umang Island. The mixture of sand and coral gardens on the seabed in this area is teeming with mysterious fish of all kinds. Umang Island offers protection from the strong currents of the Alas Strait. Sea turtles swim and duck in this area so keep your eyes open.

Private Beach Jeeva Beloam Lombok Indonesia

Nearby on the Tanjung Ringitt coastline is the famed pink sand beach of Lombok, one of only two, the other is in Komodo National Park. The colour is actually caused by red corals being broken down over centuries and mixing with the white sand. This hideaway is surrounded by secret coves and beaches perfect for swimming and scuba diving. It is a dream for those who love the ocean. Semangkuk is a pristine spot for diving and teeming with sub aqua wonder. For surfers the world class waves at Ekas Bay. For those who prefer a slightly slower pace take a boat out fishing and while away a few hours waiting for a bite floating out at sea.

The surrounding beauty and natural reserve can be explored with nature walks or gentle treks. There is a variety of flora and fauna, including monitor lizards, civet cats and water buffalo. Biking is also available and you can even follow the peninsula over to Ekas on a 20-kilometer ride. Due to the use of solar power, aircon is only available at night, solar cells heat the water and water is captured from rain or drawn and carried from a local well.  So guests are encouraged to make the most of the soothing sea breeze during the day at the resort or exploring the wonderful surrounding landscape and all it’s natural beauty.

Jeeva Beloam is really a place to retreat and unwind, the sort of hidden gem that you can only dream of finding in many islands today. The ultimate haven of island style seclusion and sustainability.


 Tenda Restaurant Jeeva Beloam Lombok Indonesia


Photos Courtesy of Jeeva Beloam

 Words By Electra Gillies