Bali is renowned for its hidden sanctuaries, however Escape Nomade has created something completely unique on the island. This tented haven is hidden in the rice fields above the Ayng River outside Ubud; Nature and understated luxury blend seamlessly in this beautiful property. Bespoke eco luxury experiences are created under canvas, or on the banks of the river, for a memorable adventure,

Escape Nomade Tents, Bali, Indonesia

Arriving through the green padi fields there is a sense of serenity as soon as you enter through the small doorway. A friendly labrador greets you and the owner and designer Anneke van Waesberghe, is in residence to share her ethos of her enclave and share her lifestyle. As well as offering incredible experiences for those seduced by this carefree barefoot living then Escape Nomade can recreate you your own canvas camp. This elegant and responsible concept can be transported anywhere in the world so you can inhabit the Escape Nomade aesthetic, wherever you are.

To getaway from it all and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of this spot a massage and high tea by the river is a mesmerizing way to pass a day. Colonial chic in the middle of the forest invites you to lie by flowing water have a massage to lull you into meditative state of mind. Arriving in the cooler breezes of the afternoon, palm trees swaying above, you are treated to refreshing juices and a flower foot bath by the sacred River Ayung that flows through the heart of Bali.

The floating tent is located right on the banks of the river and experienced Balinese therapists will use naturally infused aromatic oils combined with the islands healing techniques. Balinese massage is a combination of aromatherapy, deep long strokes and acupressure to both relax and revive the mind and body. This serene setting is the perfect antidote to any city or lifestyle stress.

 Bedroom Escape Nomade Bali Indonesia

After this ethereal experience a small stroll up the path leads you to a high tea ceremony accompanied by a delicious selection of savoury and sweet treats to indulge in. A choice of Ayurvedic Teas to balance your doshas or body temperament are recommended. There are three body types - Kapha (Earth), Pitta (Fire) & Vata (Wind). Fire dispositions need cooling down so this tea contains a blend of Chinese white tea, coriander, cardamom and peppermint to cool the system and cleanse the palate. Wind is designed to calm the digestive system, whilst Earth spices up the circulation.

With the therapists having intuitively brewed the teas for you, lay back and enjoy the mystical Balinese Dancers. An ancient display of colour and myth against the backdrop of nature. It is a UNESCO protected practice that is deeply connected to the Hindu beliefs and spirituality of the island. Storytelling and emotion is conveyed not only through the music but extremely expressive eye movements accompanied by intricate angular animations. The story usually centres around the age old battle between good and evil. The dances performed for visitors are usually not the deeply religious form that often involves falling into a trance like state, but more for a visual glimpse into this rich culture. The experience is rounded off by a short stroll to the temple to complete this calming trip.

Picnic Escape Nomade Bali Indonesia

The Escape Nomade experience is for any occasion and the perfect setting for picnics in the forest, candlelit dinners or simply a respite from everything to retreat into the cool and refinement of these exquisite tents. Each one echoes of a bygone era of Hemingway adventures in Africa offering an authentic natural endeavour. Whether you want to immerse yourself for a few hours or transport the concept across shores, then this is a sustainably luxurious experience that could literally last a lifetime.

Photos Courtesy of Escape Nomade & Words by Electra Gillies