Komodo Kimono


A Handcrafted Suede Kimono Adorned With Cowrie Shells Sustainably Collected by the Sea Gypsy Tribes in Sulawesi, Indonesia

For Hot Days in the Desert that Turn Into Chilly Nights or Simply With the Gentle Turning of Seasons Between the Two Tropical Latitude Lines. A Timeless & Unique Piece Made from the Softest Vegetable Dyed Goat Suede & Sea Shells to Create a Sustainable Limited Edition Place that is Packable & Wearable in Any Environment

Handmade by Artisans in Indonesia from 100% Goat Suede & CITES Certified Cowrie Shells

  • One Size Slip On Kimono
  • Handmade by Balinese Tailors
  • Cites Certified Sustainable Cowrie Shells

All Items are Delivered by EMS Indonesia & DHL at the Destination. Please Allow 3 -7 Working Days for Delivery.