Calliope Collar


A solid Brass 18K Gold Plated Collar Necklace Inlaid With Natural Pearls & Cowrie Shells that is the Ultimate Statement Piece

Create a Bold Look Whether You Are Having a Casual Dinner at the Rock in Zanzibar to a Wedding at La Sirenuese in the Amalfi Coast this is a Treated Piece that Will Last a Lifetime & Has a Timeless Design

  • Sustainable Brass & Gold Plate Remoulded

  • 18K Gold Plated Brass Inlaid

  • Naturally Harvested Seed Pearls from Lombok

  • Sustainable Cerfied Shell Inlay

  • Handmade by Master Jewellers in Indonesia

  • One Size Adjustable Gold Chain & Hook for Any Fitting

All Items are Delivered by EMS Indonesia & DHL at the Destination. Please Allow 3 -7 Working Days for Delivery.